Winter Magic

Starry Night inspired winter landscape using value scale snow/hill paint and a variety of metallic sharpies, markers and color pencils


My Name Sculpture

My Name Sculpture

Take a Line for a Walk

Watercolor Starry Night

My Winter Hat

Starry Night Snow Person

It was a cold and starry night...

Working with oil pastels, blue, white and black tempera paint, colored pencils, assorted collage papers and embellishments.

2 or 3 session project

Once there was a Snowman Snow-woman

Once there was a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman...just part of our kinder winter song.
This 3 part project connects to weather and builds on art skills,techniques and vocabulary.

On blue paper students draw a windy starry night (inspired by Vincent Van Gogh) and using a sponge
create a snow winter ground.

Second visit we discuss the words, big medium and small, top middle and bottom. Students cut out pre-printed circles in 3 different sizes and glue them to the ground of their paper going from bottom/biggest to middle/medium and top/smallest.

Third session is all about the details (and getting any absent students caught up). Using buttons, ribbon, colored pencils and crayons they add the finishing touches to their Snow-person.


Bird Print Portraits

Winter Moon Winter Tree

Turtle Turtle in the Sea

This 3-4 part project connects to Aboriginal art and color theory and allows for a lot of personal creativity.

Fall Landscapes-Horizontal and Vertical

The horizontal landscape was a one session project using
watercolor colored pencils. The vertical project took two sessions
and uses, water soluble oil pastels, collage and tempera paint.

Symmetrical Owls

Connecting to City Wildlife unit and building skills this symmetrical owl project involves both process and product with lots of hands on creative fun.

Weber Town

Architects, Architecture, building, homes-where we live, where we work.

The Leaves are Falling

What season are we in right now? How do you know? What is happening in nature? What do you notice with your artist's eye? Tell me 4 colors that give you a clue?

Introduce the concept of warm colors. Model how to mix and blend oil pastels. Using hand outs and table support images, students create a large green leaf that they transform, using oil pastels into a fall leaf.

Show how to use scissors and your helping hand to cut out shapes. Practice, then return the leaves to the students. They cut out their own leaves-teacher helps label each one with the students name.Project is kept until the end of the year to be displayed as a group project.

Bobble head Skulls

Connecting to the Day of the Dead Celebrations this fun drawing and collage project allows for a lot of personal creativity within a a culturally diverse lesson.
2-3 sessions for completion

6th Grade Day of the Dead Alters

4th Grade-There's the Bear!

Expressive Tree in a Landscape

This 2 part direct drawing and creative expression project is a great way to start the art year with older students. They always surprise themselves with the end result...and I must say I am pretty dazzled too! This project allows for high success, builds art skill confidence, connects to art history landscape compositions, addresses art vocabulary such a color theme, realistic, expressive, Fauvism, foreground, middle ground and background...and is just plain adventurous!

Direct drawing steps

After practicing on sketch paper students draw with white glue on black pre-cut construction paper. 
Allow the glue drawings to dry for at least 48 hours. Part II, compare and contrast realistic color choices with more expressive/non realistic choices. Model how to blend pastels and color in the direction of the shape to emphasize texture and or movement. Students then add color and detail with chalk and oil
pastels. Artists name signed with Sharpie in the corner. 

First Grade Cookie People

Working with a slightly smaller-redesigned template this year, we completed this project in one 45-50 minute class period. I think the experience and results were just as rewarding for the students. Lots of fun scrapbook paper for clothing and construction paper crayons for details.

Library Connection: I did read select parts of the Ginger Baby Book ( I don't like the ending of that story...very strange and kinda bleak), but the illustrations are wonderful!  


Cookie People

Working with my special needs Pre-K and DHH students I use a larger cookie person pattern. We explore color and texture while "decorating" and designing these fun paper treats. It is a fun way to begin developing cutting skills as well as the parts of the face.


Fun with Straight Lines

Kinders continue exploring lines...straight, parallel, perpendicular, intersecting, long and short.
Using pre-cut line segments, students play with the pieces and create a composition that they find interesting.

Using glue sticks, artists attach the black lines to one of three primary color background provided.