Mother's Day Garden Tour Student Art Show 2014

Garden Tour Chalk Walk 2014

Garden Tour Poster Contest 2014

We are Royal

We are Royal...bad hair day. Pop and Humor great end of the year project with lots of personality!

Mother's Day Portraits

Special one day project, student drew a portrait of their mother, grandmother or special person in their life...the frames are re-purposed from certificates.

Relief Mountain collage

This new project allows students to build texture and interest with tissue paper and then highlight their image and add details with watercolors. Very well received and positive results.

My Little Monster

Connecting to First Grade Curriculum students created their own monster puppet, using traditional and non traditional art materials. Lot of great hands on fun and learning.

Warm and Cool folk inspired landscapes

Warm and Cool folk/pattern inspired landscapes. Exploring composition, perspective, shapes and patterns.
Drawing with pencil then sharpies, colors warm and cool/ground and sky, using markers and and color pencils. Beautiful pieces.



Zebra stripes

Exploring materials

Abstract clouds

2 parts...drawing with glue and adding color with chalk pastels

Loud Lion

Loud Rectangle Lion

Pop Gothic

Grant Wood's American Gothic meets Andy Warhol's pop printmaking colors...the result fantastic!

Do you want to build a snowman?

Exploring Color with Paint

Red and yellow, green, black and gold, blue and white...lots of hands on messy fun and smiles.

Perspective drawing

My dream room, creating a boxlike room and using collage and or drawing to fill it with dream objects

Koi fish Collage

Koi fish collage builds on drawing knowledge expressed in a 3 D collage format.

Koi fish drawing

Koi fish  drawing

Charcoal sketching

Developing an understanding of how to draw a realistic human face one part at time.

City in a distance

One point perspective, skill building, expanding vocabulary, exploring new material combinations...

Weber Town II building the City

3-D sculptures-What is a City?

Recycle Cherry Blossoms

It is blossom time here in Sacramento the perfect time for this great hands on painting/stamping activity. Connecting to Science Standards of plant growth cycles and revisiting seasons/weather we look at tree images in art that reflected a variety of styles and seasons (Impressionistic-Realistic). What is a blossom.

Hands on process. Large white paper with names-I modeled each step.
Using blank/expired Starbucks cards and black tempera paint students made branch marks on white paper working from a long diagonal line and adding side branches.

Stop remove black paint and cards. Small trays of tempera paint with pink, white and yellow paint were distributed along with a variety of small and med bottle caps, tiny wooden sticks and old yellow pencils/erasers. These tools were used to add the blossom details to each branch. Some blossoms could be falling or blowing in the wind. Best to limit the time for this step to help students self edit.

The result over 60 snapshots of spring and lots of less than 50 minutes!

Funny Faces with Feelings

Inspired by Picasso portraits and Matisse patterns students used one of several oval head shaped patterns to trace and cut their base on one of 3 pre-select paper colors. The head shape was glued to a background "pillow". Review of the parts of the face and how feelings are expressed in facial features. Making choices from a huge variety of abstract shapes students experimented with a variety of faces and then selected one to glue and attach. Using scissors, glue and  solid, printed and painted paper scraps (collage)  the artists completed their Face with Feelings by adding ears, hair, eyebrows...and many other details. The result dozens of unique, colorful and emotion filled faces!

Seeds to Sunflowers

Connecting to Kindergarten curriculum-plant growth cycle and parts-students created individual sunflowers using stamp painting, cutting and paper collage. Lots of room for individual expression (and material choices)  within a step by step directional process

Picasso Inspired Paper Face

Still Life Collage

This multiple step/session project connects to a variety of themes and standards. It introduces students to the basics of a Still Life and the work of artist Vincent Van Gogh while having them work with a ruler and directional vocabulary (vertical, horizontal and diagonal ) to draw/create the table. Explores vocabulary such as symmetrical, foreground, middle ground and background and allows for a lot of individual expression.

Rainbow Robots

Ancient Egypt


Winter Magic

Starry Night inspired winter landscape using value scale snow/hill paint and a variety of metallic sharpies, markers and color pencils


My Name Sculpture

My Name Sculpture

Take a Line for a Walk

Watercolor Starry Night

My Winter Hat

Starry Night Snow Person

It was a cold and starry night...

Working with oil pastels, blue, white and black tempera paint, colored pencils, assorted collage papers and embellishments.

2 or 3 session project

Once there was a Snowman Snow-woman

Once there was a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman...just part of our kinder winter song.
This 3 part project connects to weather and builds on art skills,techniques and vocabulary.

On blue paper students draw a windy starry night (inspired by Vincent Van Gogh) and using a sponge
create a snow winter ground.

Second visit we discuss the words, big medium and small, top middle and bottom. Students cut out pre-printed circles in 3 different sizes and glue them to the ground of their paper going from bottom/biggest to middle/medium and top/smallest.

Third session is all about the details (and getting any absent students caught up). Using buttons, ribbon, colored pencils and crayons they add the finishing touches to their Snow-person.


Bird Print Portraits

4 part project, life study drawings to finished prints.

Winter Moon Winter Tree

Turtle Turtle in the Sea

This 3-4 part project connects to Aboriginal art and color theory and allows for a lot of personal creativity.

Fall Landscapes-Horizontal and Vertical

The horizontal landscape was a one session project using
watercolor colored pencils. The vertical project took two sessions
and uses, water soluble oil pastels, collage and tempera paint.

Symmetrical Owls

Connecting to City Wildlife unit and building skills this symmetrical owl project involves both process and product with lots of hands on creative fun.

Weber Town I

Architects, Architecture, building, homes-where we live, where we work.