Garden Tour 2015

Garden Tour Posters 2015

Pink Table

Water Lilies

Inspired by the work of Monet...

Direct drawing

Line direction and skill building...

Fairy-tale Bedding

Where would you sleep if you were a Princess or a Prince?

Flowers Up Close

Big off the page flowers inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe

Pastel Picasso faces

Colorful and Fun

This is Me Self Portrait

End of the year self portrait

Wild Animals

3-D paper wild animals

Royal Birds

Big Heads 2

Introduction to Cubism

Sunflower Class Project

Inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh

Klee Kats

Inspired by the painting Cat and Bird by artist Paul Klee...

1/2 Face

How do you draw a realistic human face. Using a pre printed portrait students created symmetrical portrait using pencil, charcoal and color pencils.

Mr. Bones Part 2

Pop a Bubble

Pop Art Bubble Gum Machines

Up Up and Away

Several steps to complete this project. Lots of teacher support


Collage, watercolor and oil pastels

Super Hero Masks

Arty Soup

Inspired by the work of Andy Warhol

Scrappy Dogs

These scrappy dogs are sure to make you smile


Colorful Heart

A fun take on the traditional Color Wheel.

Spring Cherry Blossom

Cool Zebras

2 Part project, painting the faces and adding details with pre cut collage elements.

Jungle Tiger Peek a Boo!

Whats on my Sandwich?

Guitars Inspired by Picasso

This project is inspired by the collage and assemblage work of Picasso.

Big Head Bold Colors

Take a line for a walk

City Country Starry Night Sky

City Country Warm Cool...Starry Night Sky

Tree Branch in Fall

Rainbow City

Watercolor, crayon resist

Lion Roar

Direct Drawing inspired by the work of  Ed Emberley

Ed Emberly 

Rainbow balloons

This 3 part project evolved lots of classroom teacher support, finger painting, stamping, color blending and collage the results are wonderful!

Red White and Blue Robots

Connecting to classroom theme, this fun project allowed for lots of personal creative expression.

Wacky Wire sculptures

Fun in 3-D

POW POP words

Pop art inspired project connected to language art themes.

3-D element to give the words extra POP!

Monster Selfie Part 2 Monsters in 3-D